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About the Service Hub

Why Join The Service Hub by Exits?

The Service Hub is a subscription-based platform designed to connect startups and SMEs with essential service providers, helping them prepare for their next investment. Service providers can generate leads, gain market exposure, grow their business, and increase revenues by accessing a targeted audience of businesses in need of their expertise.

Benefits for SMEs and Startups:
  • Access to Expertise: Easily connect with service providers specializing in key areas to enhance your business operations.
  • Investment Readiness: Get the support you need to become attractive to investors and secure funding.
  • Business Growth: Leverage expert advice and services to scale your business effectively.
  • Efficiency and Focus: Spend less time searching for solutions and more time growing your business with the right partners at your fingertips.
  • Competitive Edge: Gain a strategic advantage by utilizing top-notch services that prepare you for the investment landscape.
Benefits for Service Providers:
  • Lead Generation: Attract high-quality leads looking for your specific services.
  • Enhanced Market Exposure: Increase your visibility and reputation within the startup and SME ecosystem.
  • Business Expansion: Grow your client base and revenue through targeted outreach and strategic connections.
  • Industry Recognition: Establish yourself as a trusted expert in your field by connecting with businesses in need of your services.
  • Event Participation: Engage with the community through exclusive invitations to industry events, fostering relationships and opportunities for collaboration.

Service Categories
Market outreach
Vetted Service Providers

Service Providers

Looking for an excellent service provider for your startup or SME? Brows our trusted partners of professionals to find exactly what you need.

Financial Advisors Financial Services
Consultancy Consulting Services Law Firms Legal Services
Accounting Firms Accounting Services Taxation Audits
Consultancy Human Resources



  • A basic profile listing including: contact information and a brief description of services
  • Include logo on their profile page and in the search results
  • Notifications about new leads only as they occur
  • Access to a maximum of 10 client inquiries per month
  • Re-share content and achievements on Exits' social media channels
  • Allowing service providers to contribute guest articles, thought leadership pieces, or case studies
  • Inform members of high-profile industry events, conferences, and networking gatherings
  • Email Campaigns
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Discount for Buyer Subscriptions
  • Discount to Investment Readiness Program



  • Detailed profile page showcasing portfolio

  • Logo display on the Service Hub page, newsletters, and marketing collateral
  • Regular notifications about new leads
  • Access to a maximum of 50 client inquiries per month
  • Promotion of profile in different marketing campaigns
  • Providing opportunities to sponsor or co-host webinars and establish expertise
  • Extending invitations to industry events, conferences, and networking gatherings
  • 2 targeted emails per year
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Discount for Buyer Subscriptions
  • Discount 30% to Investment Readiness Program



  • Highly visible and customizable profile page including: portfolio, priority placement in search results, client testimonials, and ratings
  • Exclusive logo placements on Exits homepage
  • Early access to lead notifications.
  • Access to an unlimited number of client inquiries
  • Featured placements in newsletters, blog posts, and social media promotions
  • Invitations to contribute to guest articles, and participate in expert panels
  • Invitation to attend high-profile industry events, conferences, and networking gatherings.
  • 4 targeted emails per year
  • A dedicated account manager
  • 10% discount for Buyer Subscriptions
  • 30% discount to Investment Readiness Program

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